Is This Trend For You?

Is This Trend For You?

It's in magazines everywhere! Billboards, blogspots, mail outs, social media... Every turn of season. What are we talking about ? Yes you got it - the trends? 

As women who believe in the timeless, ageless perfection of your own style we still appreciate the fun, creativity and inspiration that  often comes with a new fashion trend..When trends come along which are actually a part of your personal style, it's a great time to pick from all the options, and then you have a piece which belongs on you, suits your lifestyle and will look stylish for the next 10 years. Nevertheless, before you opt for that alluring Pastel pink mohair number, we have a few questions that may help you make a confident style decision..

Would you want it even if it wasn't 'trendy?' This is a good test of whether you've been persuaded by the trend messages, or whether this is something you would desire even if no one else did.

For example, would you be coveting that punk-styled leather jacket if you hadn't seen it in the Givenchy showroom or in a New York high street fashion snap?

From the runway to the walkway! Will the high street version look just as good? 

It may be a 3/4 length denim boiler suit that has romanced you from the catwalk this spring but will it look as amazing in a cheaper more affordable fabric. 

The glossy magazine pages impress us with its beautiful fabrics and vibrant  hues but it's not always the look that we, regular folks, will be able to buy on the high street. This spring we will see lots of 80’s inspired brightly coloured suiting. However I'm not sure how exquisite this will look in the regular high street version. You'll have to be more choosy and search out good fabric so the colour doesn't look cheap causing the suit to wear you!

Does it make you come alive when you wear it? The reason why something looks great on us is usually because it is in harmony with who we really are. It accentuates our best 

features and creates balance in our shape.

For example, your favourite jacket probably nips in at the waist just right, your favourite skirt sits at a length which flatters your legs and your favourite t-shirt has the perfect  neckline for you and is, in a colour which everyone says brings out your eyes.

While I am  not an  advocate of hiding away everything you don't like about yourself, I we would say that it's about creating balance and drawing your eye to the right places. We must always see you wearing the dress and not the dress wearing you! 

This year we are going to see more bleached denim - from jeans to skirts and dresses. However the lighter the colour your wear on the bottom, the heavier you can look. If you are triangle shaped and carry more weight on your bottom and thighs then it will be what you team it with on top to create a harmonious and balanced look.

If you are curvier think chambray style fabric instead - giving you that denim look but in with a much lighter look.

You probably already know all the rules, but when a new trend comes sweeping in, it's easy to forget your personal rule book.

You probably already know all the rules, but when a new trend comes sweeping in, it's easy to forget your personal rule book.

How will this work with your favourite clothes? Or, what else do you need to buy to make this work? Always think in terms of your favourites. These are the keys to your style castle. 

What else are you going to need to make that leather jacket work? Biker boots?  If the trend is a long way from what your closet currently contains, it might be a trend you're going to have to avoid because it just won't work in the time that our fast fashion industry will allow.

On the other hand, it could very well become a new favourite which exceeds all others, and one which anchors a whole new wardrobe of possibility. After all, sometimes we just need a gentle breeze of inspiration to help us step out in something new.....

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