Does It Really Matter What Colour's I Wear

Does It Really Matter What Colour's I Wear

Quite frankly the answer to this question is a loud resounding YES!

Have you seen photos of yourself before you started getting highlights in your hair? What about before you put blush on in the morning? Isn’t it remarkable how much better we look with the right colour in the right place!

The colour's in our wardrobe have a similar effect!

Have you noticed any psychological effects of wearing certain colours? Perhaps the sudden dip in our moods could be less about the seasonal change and more about those darker colours we tend to wear throughout the winter months.

 So what should the right colour do for you?

The right colour should match, intensify, or reflect your undertones.

The mix of melanin in our skin (blue-yellow-brown-red), in all their subtlety, absorb light wavelengths and reflect others. Are you reflecting more warmth than cool light? 

Perhaps your colouring is more delicate and so the light you reflect is softer? By avoiding bright, strong colours you would ensure the subtlety in your colouring showing through..

Often it’s difficult to tell until the right colour is placed next to your skin, and then wow! Your prominent tone is revealed!

I've seen this happen countless times with my clients.  One woman in her 50's had been relying on black clothing for the past 20 years to maintain a professional image as a real estate agent. When she found out her undertones were warm and bright, she started incorporating multi-hued scarves of reds and pinks into her wardrobe, as well as, layering the gold necklaces she usually saved for special occasions. She experienced the joys of warm colours again such as green and yellow,  – colours she’d loved in her 20s. With subtle changes towards more golden and apricot makeup shades she looked years younger!  This is why I like to introduce my clients to colour as a new beauty product.

Jada's make-up is too cool on the first picture. She looks older and more drawn in the face. in the far right picture, she has chosen warmer tones of peach and brown which make her look younger, fresher and softer in personality too.

Another actress client had a colourful wardrobe of cool blues and pinks, colours she was naturally drawn to, but her makeup choices were peachy and golden brown. Being of Indian descent, she had been told to embrace her warmth. However, her undertones were cool. What a difference black eyeliner, a little icy sparkle and cranberry-coloured blush made for her!

If we dig a little deeper we will also find that colour fundamentally corresponds to our personalities too. This is by no way absolute as I'm careful NOT to box people but there are some general personality attributes common to each of the four colour palettes traditionally know as Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Are you fiery and strong with a tendency to inquire and analyse everything? Then you may suit the warm, rich and intense colours traditionally known as the autumn colour palette. Perhaps you are more gentle, calm and more sophisticated in nature? Then you may suit the more refined and cool colours from a summer palette? (more on that to come)

There is so much more to personal colour than the traditional fashion world cares to acknowledge but change is coming. It's my aim as a colour stylist to de-mystify the concepts around colour and help youapply them more brilliantly to your wardrobe and personal style choices.


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