What is a capsule wardrobe, exactly?

What is a capsule wardrobe, exactly?

The DREAM Wardrobe#

How Big Does It Really Need To Be?


In a world where fast fashion is the prescription of the day via same day deliveries and instant runway to walkway manufacturing, its no wonder that as a result our wardrobes are brimming with clothes and quick buys yet we invariably feel at a loss, most days, for what to wear. I imagine the morning where the perfect most appropriate outfit serenades me joyfully the instant I open my wardrobe doors. However, it was often my underwhelming reality as a busy working mum of four, that I would sift through the hanger rail (or laundry basket) only to feel “ just okay” with my eventual choice. My 5 minute make0ver is well and truly over as I hear the children screaming downstairs over who gets the last bowl of Cheerios #

( cue sigh and violins )

so what is a capsule wardrobe?#

Being passionate about style and colour does not mean that I am a perfect embodiment of couture fashion on a daily basis...however I strive daily towards the simplicity of a style which will enhance how I feel and in turn convey the message of who I am. It should be simple, right? #

You may have heard stylists talk about the capsule wardrobe or the 10 “must have” pieces in your wardrobe - only I have never quite seen their selection best suited to MY lifestyle which also incorporates my best colours too..Is that true for you?#

A good wardrobe should serve the reality of your day to day life..functionality AND beauty in COLOUR. #

So I have found that a seasonal “edit” of your wardrobe is essential Practically speaking we should take a wardrobe edit every season to ensure we keep the “f” in our wardrobe. #

1.When was the last time you wore it?

2. will it last another season of laundering?

3. How do you feel when you wear it.

4. Style v Colour

October 14, 2015


Does It Really Matter What Colour's I Wear

Does It Really Matter What Colour's I Wear