Style and Colour advice when you really need it.

We have no problem hiring an accountant to do our accounts or a a painter to re-decorate our homes. However many women can feel indulgent or guilty by the idea of hiring a stylist to give them a helping hand with their personal style and wardrobe. Afterall, isn't that something that all women should be able to do? Well no actually its not. We all have different gifts and talents and personal styling is just one of them. Some women have a better eye for style than others, and there is certainly nothing wrong with you if this is an area that does not come as natural to you or you simply don't enjoy. Gaining some knowledge around personal style is no different to asking a nutritionist about your diet or a hairdresser about which type of highlights you should have.

A StylePeg style programme has been designed to take "personal styling" off the elite shelf and make it accessible and affordable for the everyday women.  In my experience it is the continued support of your stylist that equips and empowers you with your style. It takes time to understand and apply your personal colour palette, stick to the right shapes and shop with more confidence, especially online.

Together, with your stylist, you will discuss and ponder your style goals, fashion frustrations and wardrobe wants. They will identify your best palette of colours, in make-up and clothing, which accentuate your natural beauty.  You will also learn the perfect shapes, fabrics and lengths of clothing for you as you edit your existing wardrobe so this whole process does not cost you a small fortune.

Creating a wardrobe that completely works for you has never been simpler and more affordable.


Your personal stylist will meet with you monthly or weekly via phone, skype or Facetime to answer any questions you may have. Throughout the month you cansend them real-time photos of items you may be considering, selfies, and links to online purchases waiting patiently in your shopping cart.

Think of your stylist as your shopping accountability partner. It's their job to help you with your purchase process and keep you on track with buying only the things you need to create your perfect wear-drobe.